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10 advice for investors when deciding to invest in an ICO Cryptocurrency

By Joseph Kendall → Friday
ICO cryptocurrency has become a tool for startups to build up their capital; and for investors, what should be taken into consideration when it comes to choosing an ICO? In the article, 7 criteria to be taken when deciding to invest in an ICO project will be demonstrated.
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ICO cryptocurrency has recently been very heated, attracting many investors all around the globe. Many ICOs are successful and have real applications in life, but there are still many ICOs created that aim to scam. So how to find a quality ICO to decide to invest until you step on the floor? This article will help you understand more ICO and 10 advice for investors when deciding to invest in an ICO Cryptocurrency.

12 Reasons why ICO investment is not Effective

By Joseph Kendall → Tuesday
We have seen a big number of ICO growing ever since. There are ICOs that bring you great benefits but not all the ICOs do the same to you. So what are the reasons why ICO investment is not successful?
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The ICO market is dynamic and sophisticated; hence, you have to make careful analysis before making any ICO investment decision and do not follow the offer from invitations or some PR posts from netizens. That is how you can survive in this ICO storm.

Top Best Cryptocurrency to Invest

By Joseph Kendall → Monday
Meta: Are you planning to make money from cryptocurrency? Do not miss the top best cryptocurrency to invest, because they might become your great source of income.
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Cryptocurrency is a developed investment market. In addition to Bitcoin, many other cryptocurrencieshave gradually established their status in the market.  If you are considering investing in the virtual currency market, the top best Cryptocurrency to invest in this article will help you in the process of making an investment decision.

Blockchain technology and guide for cryptocurrency beginners

By Joseph Kendall →
Meta: For cryptocurrency investors, understanding the relevant terms is essential. One of the most important terms that any investor can encounter in this industry is blockchain technology. So let’s learn to know what Blockchain technology is.
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When bitcoin storms the market, in various forums, blockchain - the "backbone" of cryptocurrency - is also the subject of discussion, debate and more than that. It is considered a trigger for a new revolution in technology. So, what is blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology definition

Blockchain is a hierarchical database that stores information in blocks of information that are interconnected by encryption and expanding over time. Each information block contains initialization time information and is linked to the previous block with a time code and transaction data. Blockchain is designed to resist the change of data; When the data has been accepted by the network, there is no way to change it.

If the original data on the transaction is changed after the encryption, another electronic signature is needed to remind the network of the content to be edited.

The first blockchain was invented and designed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, and was realized the following year, as a core part of Bitcoin, when blockchain technology acted as a ledger for transactions. The invention of the blockchain for Bitcoin made it the first digital currency to tackle the double-spending problem. This Bitcoin technology has become a source of inspiration for a variety of other applications.

Features of Blockchain technology

1. Indestructible system

Based on distributed data on peer-to-peer computers, blockchain does not require a cumbersome centralized storage; it only requires computers running on the network and you do not need to worry about data being crashed or lost. In case some of the computers in the network are down, there is always a plan for proper recovery.

2. Low cost

Without the need for a complex intermediate system that utilizes the resources of networked computers, blockchain has the advantage of being affordable, without the expense of building security and system operation maintenance.

3. International characteristic

It only needs a computer connected to the internet and it is possible to participate in the blockchain network regardless of country or territory. The person in the same network can easily carry out the transaction anytime anywhere. It is not necessary to rely on other organizations' schedules.

4. Free market

Small start-up companies have benefited from the free market that Blockchain has created. So far, hundreds of companies have been created that generate thousands of jobs around the world. Established companies appear in many areas from FinTech to the Start-up technologies that bring Blockchain solutions to the Internet of Things solutions. Many large companies are also gradually adopting virtual currency and experimenting with Blockchain to reap the benefits it offers.

5. Decentralized and distributed

These two words are the core of Blockchain and Bitcoin. Information encrypted by the Blockchain system is not stored in a fixed location that can be hacked or influenced by "human factors" such as corruption or fraud.
Instead, Blockchain "chain" blocks are stored simultaneously on many different machines in the world system to ensure maximum security for encrypted and protected information.

6. The applications of Blockchain technology

As mentioned above, blockchain technology was first applied to Bitcoin, but that is not all about it. Thanks to the superiority of the transparency in storage, now blockchain is applied in many different areas. . Here are some examples.

Skuchain supply chain system

The global supply chain system costs hundreds of billions of dollars to operate, using a method based on letters of credit. The system has been around for hundreds of years and has not really changed yet. It works through transferring documents between different parts of the world and banks which hire hundreds of people to review papers.

Skuchain has applied blockchain technology to change the system, eliminating paper-based transactions, thereby reducing the transaction costs and is expected to be applicable to both medium and large scale businesses.

Everledger, Verisart authentication system

Everledger uses blockchain to develop a system that allows anyone to self-identify the diamond's history and its value in global transactions. In just six months, Everledger received information of up to 850,000 diamonds.

Not only diamond dealers, but insurance companies, police also use this system to verify information when the theft occurrs.
Similarly, Verisart preserves the history of the trade of art goods such as paintings or pottery and porcelain ... from which it is possible to identify the true fake and its owner.

Application in administration

With its self-developed blockchain, Estonia Guardtime has helped the Estonian government manage and protect citizen data in over 1,000 online services.
It is also expected that blockchain will be used in voting to ensure transparency for this activity.

Application in insurance industry 

Blockchain is expected to strengthen the insurance industry in the future.

The future of Blockchain technology

Experts say that new technologies often have a long preparation time before they grow. When electric motors were first developed, humans developed larger steam engines. And it takes decades for manufacturers to see that electric motors can help them build everything.

In the report on digital currency, the UK bank has seen the potential of virtual currency in the financial sector thanks to the small finance companies who digitized their inner workings however, they have not changed their organization to fit the system. The payment system is still centralized and payments are made through the central bank. When financial companies work together, synchronization of transactions becomes difficult and can take several days. This increases capital as well as risk.

Blockchain technology itself has promised potential beyond the storage of bills and virtual currency alone. Ethereum has clearly discerned this when applying the Decentralized / Distributed nature explained above to encode contracts. These "virtual" contracts are also known as Smart Contract.
This security is a double-edged sword that has become the most popular and trusted money exchange service in the underworld. For example, the Silk Road - Silk Road online market, and the Silk Road version 2.0 higher than the later.

In short, blockchain technology is one of the greatest invention in the 21st century in our consideration. The world is now spinning around the market it creates and a lot of advocates are excited to enjoy its applications.

How to invest in Cryptocurrency effectively with the least risk

By Joseph Kendall →
To invest in cryptocurrency can  make you become a billionaire over the night but also can make you go an empty-handed guy after a month. Therefore, when investing in cryptocurrency, you need to learn how to invest in Cryptocurrency to minimize the risks.
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To invest in cryptocurency is a money- making channel that might bring you very great benefits and it is considered an attractive, lucrative cake for investors. However, you need to note that the higher profits it may bring, the more risks it pertains.  As a result, investors need to find a way that can assure your investment is profitable and less risky. In this article, you will be able to get some advice on how to invest in cryptocurrency effectively with the least risk.

What Factors Affect The Car Insurance Rates

By Joseph Kendall → Friday
Meta: Buying car insurance is not only essential but also compulsory in some countries. Discover some useful tips when choosing car insurance rates in your country.
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According to the civil law enacted by US Government, all car owners must have civil responsibility insurance. This is reasonable since you cannot prevent all of the dangerous or unfortunate events. These amounts are defined in the law, so all insurance companies will offer you contract with the same clauses and compensation money.

How to find effective Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

By Joseph Kendall →
 ICO investment is an risky adventure but exciting. If investors know the best way to put their money and efforts into ICOs, they can minimize the risks. The article will show you how to find an effective ICO.
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Initial coin offering is a recently emerging concept for crowdfunding (financial mobilization) projects in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. ICOs mark a fundamental change in the world’s investment: developers, businesses, and individuals now can raise capital without using any of their equity stake. Investors who are interested in ICO investment should be wondering about how to find effective Initial Coin offering (ICO).

1. What is ICO?

ICO stands for (Initial coin offering); it is a method of raising funds for a new virtual currency. They will create a virtual currency sale program for investors to bypass the rigorous and regulated funding process required by venture capitalists or banks. In an ICO campaign, a percentage of the new virtual currency is sold to early supporters of the project at low cost or other incentives such as prizes, are offered, also known as Initial Public Coin Offering (IPCO).

A company that launches a new virtual currency will try to raise money by making ICO. They usually create a plan and a detailed report on the project. They also have to make clear on the development roadmap after completion, how much money it takes to make a joint venture, how much of the virtual currency that the pioneers of the project will keep for themselves, what kind of money is accepted, and how long the ICO campaign will run.

In an ICO campaign, enthusiasts, investors and advocates of the company's initiative will buy some of their virtual currency by Bitcoin or dollars. Similar to the shares of a company sold to Investors in an initial public offering (IPO). If the proceeds do not meet the minimum amount required by the company, the money will be returned to the investor and the ICO is considered unsuccessful. If the total mobilized funds reach their target within the specified time frame, the mobilized funds will be used to start a new plan or to complete the ICO.

Until the mid of 2017, the amount of dollars raised in Initial Coin Offerings  was around USD$1,252,676,352. It means that there is more than a billion dollars that has been raised during a period of 7 months. The market capitalization of cryptocurrency is over $100 billion which has attracted a lot of traders from all over the world, especially to the ICOs.

2. How to make an effective investment in ICO

Investing in the ICO is a venture capital investment and a precarious venture, the opportunity will give you the x100, x1000, x2000 times the property. To maximize the success rate, there are some factors that you should take into account when investing in an ICO project listed below:

3. ICO Project Analysis

The spreading growth of the ICO projects nowadays has created a lot of sources of information on ICOs. Therefore, to make a right decision, you have to survey and learn more about each ICO. You should not just listen to someone saying that an ICO is good and right away go for an investment. The better way suggested is that you find out what the ICO is, whose project is, where the product is from, what product is it and the feasibility and applicability of the ICO in life.

It is suggested that you have knowledge about the founder of the currency as well as the team who develops the project. Their profiles will be available somewhere in the project details and website. Also, the website of a professional and trustworthy ICO will have enough information on the roadmap of the project, the whitepaper, so on.

It is similar to a startup, the funding goes through different rounds. There are also various stages and many questions related to the ICo. Here below are the three main stages for a company using ICO for capital raise:
  • Idea: if there is no whitepaper about the ICO, you should not invest.
  • White paper: read the ICO whitepaper very carefully. Try to find out how much of the technology are mapped out? What is the roadmap of the ICO? 
  • Proof of Concept: Check out the ICO’s public github. You can also look through the code of the ICO if possible.
If there is not such information available or it is hard to get to know the ICO well, there is a possibility that it may be a fraud.
Try to pay attention to the sources that provides information about the latest ICOs. Make plan on what ICO you are going for with careful research.

4. Learn from the ICO community

An ICO project is 90% successful thanks to its community. Try to observe what the community has to say about the project on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or other big trusted forums. You can also use certain ools to investigate the number of visitors to the ICO website, how many countries show its interest in the ICO. You can try http://www.hypestat.com to check the number of accesses to the website.

5. Analyze reviews on an ICO 

You can also search and read the reviews on an ICO through review and evaluation websites to see how well the ICO is performing to the community.
There are some of the ICO review websites listed as below:
Generally speaking, you should invest in something without doing certain amount of research. Ideally, before buying in any coin or token, you should know the ICO is going to do with the coin. Be wary with the media words as there may be website they create to polish their own ICO.

ICO Review
So the article has introduced to you what an ICO project is and how to find effective Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

ICO investment is always risky but profits are great if the ICO project succeeds. Watch out your budget and see how much you are willing to lose; do not pledge your assets or borrow money because any unexpected thing can happen.
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How to invest in Bitcoin effectively

By Joseph Kendall → Wednesday
Meta: BTC is not a new concept, but how to invest effectively in Bitcoin is not an easy question that anyone can answer. In the article, we will give the details on how to invest in Bitcoin effectively  to invest in btc for who just starts with the bitcoin market.
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The year 2016 and 2017 has witnessed the strong development of Bitcoin. This development has helped individuals who soon realize the potential of Bitcoin achieve great benefits.  And so, more and more people are interested in generating income from  this cryptocurrency. Many beginners and even who has experience in Bitcoin market still need to learn more on how to invest in Bitcoin effectively so that they can gain the best and fast profits.