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How to find effective Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

By Joseph Kendall → Friday
 ICO investment is an risky adventure but exciting. If investors know the best way to put their money and efforts into ICOs, they can minimize the risks. The article will show you how to find an effective ICO.
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Initial coin offering is a recently emerging concept for crowdfunding (financial mobilization) projects in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. ICOs mark a fundamental change in the world’s investment: developers, businesses, and individuals now can raise capital without using any of their equity stake. Investors who are interested in ICO investment should be wondering about how to find effective Initial Coin offering (ICO).

1. What is ICO?

ICO stands for (Initial coin offering); it is a method of raising funds for a new virtual currency. They will create a virtual currency sale program for investors to bypass the rigorous and regulated funding process required by venture capitalists or banks. In an ICO campaign, a percentage of the new virtual currency is sold to early supporters of the project at low cost or other incentives such as prizes, are offered, also known as Initial Public Coin Offering (IPCO).

A company that launches a new virtual currency will try to raise money by making ICO. They usually create a plan and a detailed report on the project. They also have to make clear on the development roadmap after completion, how much money it takes to make a joint venture, how much of the virtual currency that the pioneers of the project will keep for themselves, what kind of money is accepted, and how long the ICO campaign will run.

In an ICO campaign, enthusiasts, investors and advocates of the company's initiative will buy some of their virtual currency by Bitcoin or dollars. Similar to the shares of a company sold to Investors in an initial public offering (IPO). If the proceeds do not meet the minimum amount required by the company, the money will be returned to the investor and the ICO is considered unsuccessful. If the total mobilized funds reach their target within the specified time frame, the mobilized funds will be used to start a new plan or to complete the ICO.

Until the mid of 2017, the amount of dollars raised in Initial Coin Offerings  was around USD$1,252,676,352. It means that there is more than a billion dollars that has been raised during a period of 7 months. The market capitalization of cryptocurrency is over $100 billion which has attracted a lot of traders from all over the world, especially to the ICOs.

2. How to make an effective investment in ICO

Investing in the ICO is a venture capital investment and a precarious venture, the opportunity will give you the x100, x1000, x2000 times the property. To maximize the success rate, there are some factors that you should take into account when investing in an ICO project listed below:

3. ICO Project Analysis

The spreading growth of the ICO projects nowadays has created a lot of sources of information on ICOs. Therefore, to make a right decision, you have to survey and learn more about each ICO. You should not just listen to someone saying that an ICO is good and right away go for an investment. The better way suggested is that you find out what the ICO is, whose project is, where the product is from, what product is it and the feasibility and applicability of the ICO in life.

It is suggested that you have knowledge about the founder of the currency as well as the team who develops the project. Their profiles will be available somewhere in the project details and website. Also, the website of a professional and trustworthy ICO will have enough information on the roadmap of the project, the whitepaper, so on.

It is similar to a startup, the funding goes through different rounds. There are also various stages and many questions related to the ICo. Here below are the three main stages for a company using ICO for capital raise:
  • Idea: if there is no whitepaper about the ICO, you should not invest.
  • White paper: read the ICO whitepaper very carefully. Try to find out how much of the technology are mapped out? What is the roadmap of the ICO? 
  • Proof of Concept: Check out the ICO’s public github. You can also look through the code of the ICO if possible.
If there is not such information available or it is hard to get to know the ICO well, there is a possibility that it may be a fraud.
Try to pay attention to the sources that provides information about the latest ICOs. Make plan on what ICO you are going for with careful research.

4. Learn from the ICO community

An ICO project is 90% successful thanks to its community. Try to observe what the community has to say about the project on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or other big trusted forums. You can also use certain ools to investigate the number of visitors to the ICO website, how many countries show its interest in the ICO. You can try http://www.hypestat.com to check the number of accesses to the website.

5. Analyze reviews on an ICO 

You can also search and read the reviews on an ICO through review and evaluation websites to see how well the ICO is performing to the community.
There are some of the ICO review websites listed as below:
Generally speaking, you should invest in something without doing certain amount of research. Ideally, before buying in any coin or token, you should know the ICO is going to do with the coin. Be wary with the media words as there may be website they create to polish their own ICO.

ICO Review
So the article has introduced to you what an ICO project is and how to find effective Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

ICO investment is always risky but profits are great if the ICO project succeeds. Watch out your budget and see how much you are willing to lose; do not pledge your assets or borrow money because any unexpected thing can happen.
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By Joseph Kendall → Wednesday
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The year 2016 and 2017 has witnessed the strong development of Bitcoin. This development has helped individuals who soon realize the potential of Bitcoin achieve great benefits.  And so, more and more people are interested in generating income from  this cryptocurrency. Many beginners and even who has experience in Bitcoin market still need to learn more on how to invest in Bitcoin effectively so that they can gain the best and fast profits.

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Explore Coinbase wallet, one of the best place to store your cryptocurrency

By Joseph Kendall → Tuesday
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Nowadays, people have started to learn about electronic currency including Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin more and more than before and also many questions are raised related to how to create a cryptocurrency wallet or where to store their digital currency such as bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc that can make sure the security and safety. Is it going to be on a desktop, an exchange such as Poliniex, Bittrex or a digital wallet like Coinbase. Blockchain.info, Myetherwallet, so on and so forth.
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By Joseph Kendall →
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Top 10 Tips To Find Cheap Car Insurance

By Joseph Kendall → Monday
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Ethereum price prediction – whether it will increase or decrease?

By Joseph Kendall →
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List of Top trading cryptocurrency worth investment

By Joseph Kendall →
Meta: There are more and more cryptocurrencies coming to the world, but not all of them are worth investment. If you are wondering which virtual currency will bring the best benefits for you, the list of top trading cryptocurreny in this article should be in your consideration
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Virtual currency is becoming a worldwide electronic payment method that is widely accepted by many companies and businesses.The year of 2017 is considered a milestone marking the rise of digital currency. At the time, the world has more than 3,000 types of virtual currency. Hereafter is top trading cryptocurrency worth investment among all the virtual currencies nowadays.

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